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2010 April 1
Posted by salvicate

Baked fish or “meen pollichathu” is a delecious fish preparation from Southern Kerala. Commonly Pamfret, Ayila or “Karimeen” is used for this preparation.

Fresh fish as mentioned above is to be cleaned well. Mark a few lines on the full fish on both sides with sharp knife. Apply turmeric powder and one spoon fresh lime jjuice for marination and keep the fish aside.

For one fish of 1 kg size, following quantity of masala is required -

Garlick 25 grams
Ginger: A small piece
Green chilly: medium size 3 nos
small onion: 50 grams
Coriander leaf: 100 grams
Curry leaf: small amouint
Cardamom: 1 no
Salt: to taste

Grind the above all in a mixy and the paste to be applied on the fish on both sides and inside. Keep this for minimum one hour.

Place the pan on the stove.Apply a brush coat of oil in the pan. Cover the fish with banana leaf and place the same in the pan. Cook in low flame. Take care to turn the fish periodically without removing the banana leaf. It will take 15 minutes to cook the fish in low flame. Remove from the pan and serve it hot. Garnish with chopped onion, carrot and cabbage leaf.

For those who prefer less oil and masala, this preparation is preferable.

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2010 March 31
Posted by salvicate

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